'Realization Today' 1-day event with Fred Davis

Are you tired of seeking?
Are you ready to uncover deeper truths?

Join us for a special one-day event tailored for those who resonate with The Living Method teachings by Fred Davis. 
Many long-time spiritual seekers have found an end to searching through The Living Method.

 June 8th, 2024
 1 pm - 3 pm US Eastern (New York) time  

This seminar will encompass a Group Awakening Session followed by a Q&A period, as time allows. Both are designed to assist you on your lifelong journey to greater clarity.
Included are (2) complimentary Satsangs on the Sundays after the event.

Don't miss this chance to benefit from Fred's wisdom and guidance!
Fred understands the importance of not just awakening but also the clearing path that follows.

He is excited to offer this transformative event designed to help people like you transition from seekers to finders or to strengthen your ongoing Realization.

Fred has a very long track record in working with groups. 

During this event, he will guide you through transformative practices and insightful teachings that will bring many of you, perhaps even most of you, to true, living Realization. This process will certainly enhance everyone's spiritual awareness and assist with your transition into greater and lasting clarity.

It's a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive and nurturing online environment. No recording of the event is allowed. It's completely private; it will not be shared on YouTube or other media.

The regular rate for this seminar is $125. 

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing this incredible journey!

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  • SAT
    08 JUN
  • 01:00 PM

08 June 2024 Saturday, 01:00 PM EDT


  • Realization Today Event Only
  • $125 USD

    Realization Today Event Only

  • Group Awakening hour with Fred Davis
  • Group Clearing hour with Fred Davis
  • 2 Complimentary Sunday Satsangs after the event
  • Realization Today Event
  • $205 USD

    Including 1 month Group Clearing Series

  • Group Awakening hour with Fred Davis
  • Group Clearing hour with Fred Davis
  • 4 Complimentary Sunday Satsangs after the event
  • Access to 2 Group Clearing Series sessions (worth $125)

Fred Davis

Author & Spiritual Teacher

 FRED DAVIS is a well-known spiritual teacher who has helped hundreds of people find inner peace and clarity through his unique brand of nondual inquiry, The Living Method.  
With a worldwide following, Davis has made a name for himself in the world of spiritual teaching, offering a fresh perspective on the no-path means of enlightenment and the process of experiencing conscious abidance afterward.  
Davis’ method focuses on helping Awakeness awaken to True Nature and discovering the peace and clarity that lie within.

He emphasizes the importance of finding truth Here/Now. His teachings are rooted in the principles of nonduality, which is the knowing that everything in the universe is really One No-Thing, and thus there is no separation between the individual self and the divine. Duality is just a concept held by an imaginary character. This is really quite a simple discovery, but it’s impossible to describe.  

One of the unique aspects of Davis’ teachings is his focus on the individual’s lived experience. He encourages his students to explore their own inner landscape and find the already-extant wisdom that lies within. He believes that through each person, there is the innate ability to notice True Nature and thus find the clarity and peace they so long for.

Davis’ teachings have resonated with many people who have been seeking a more authentic and personal approach to spirituality. He has been praised for his down-to-earth style and his ability to make complex spiritual concepts accessible to everyone.  

In addition to his teachings, Davis has also written six books on awakening and “clearing,” by which he means abidance. His books have been widely read and have helped thousands of people on their spiritual journey.  

Overall, Fred Davis is a respected and influential spiritual teacher who has helped countless individuals find peace of mind and endless love through his unique method and down-to-earth approach.  

Fred is very happily married and is deeply devoted to this teaching, his beautiful wife Betsy, and his extraordinary canine companions, Willy and Jack. He lives quietly as a chiefly ignored, urban hermit in Columbia, South Carolina.