Perhaps the single fastest way to become awakened

Join Fred Davis for the next
Skillful Means Series
Group Awakening opportunity

"The Living Method" of Spiritual Awakening has over a 90% success rate for those who have an awakening session, whether it be private or in the small group program of the Skillful Means Series.

$300 EARLYBIRD RATE (normally $350)
February 10th, 17th and 24th 2024 dates  

Includes : Skillful Means Series
Access to 3 x Satsangs post event
(PLUS all Sunday Satsangs in between booking and event start date)
Lifetime Access to Recordings

3 x sessions over 3 Saturdays
All times 2-4pm US Eastern
All Sessions will be taught by Fred Davis

“What really surprised me was how effective your method is. I spent the afternoon feeling incredibly peaceful in a crowded supermarket thinking, “This stuff really worked! OMG!! It worked!” Michele

Fred has a unique, playful, accessible way of awakening a wide diverse range of people like myself. He dissolves all untruths. Barb

Success of the Previous Skillful Means Series

“Hey Fred, I just wanted to express my gratitude one more time for the truly life-changing Skillful Means Series and the two Satsangs. And what a lovely group your Satsang members are! When I look back on how blessed the “Brian” life has been in terms of exposure to many of the top spiritual teachers on the planet over the past 30 years, I can say with confidence, and without hesitation, that none of them holds a candle to you and your Living Method – which is the truest Direct Path that I have encountered in all my years on the non-Path. And I have been with many teachers, monks, swamis, and gurus. I have been fortunate enough to spend time in retreat, and one on one time, with several of them. While in India, I spent several weeks (overall) with Ramesh Balsekar attending his daily Satsang in his condo in Mumbai (one of Nisargadatta’s translators). As influential as all of them have been – and I am grateful for all of them and their teachings – it always felt like something was missing….. like something was being held back (not on purpose necessarily, but still in reserve). Perhaps all of that only points to the adage, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” As it turns out, the teacher has shown up in the guise of a “Fred Davis.” :o) Your method paints the seeker into a corner where there is nowhere to go except to see the Truth of what we are. So simple. So direct. So powerful. And so transforming and life-changing. Love, gratitude, and deep respect to you and Betsy for all you do.”

It was a special moment yesterday afternoon 😇 Thank you so much 🙏 Greetings to Betsy as well 🙂 Best regards, Neo