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Awakening & Clearing Package(90 minutes)
with Fred Davis $495

1:1 1 Clarity Session (1 hour) $250
(existing students $200)

This presumes you have had some kind of awakening & wish to have a more focussed clearing discussion. 

Awakening & Clearing Package 
with Dr Glenda M. Tavormina $350

Awakening & Clearing Package 
with Boh Harik $350

Awakening Sessions present the seeker with a very elaborate and structured form of nondual inquiry skillfully coordinated and presented by Fred. First, you come to see through undeniable evidence, exactly what you are not. Once that’s accomplished we bring our attention toward what you really are.
Not everyone wakes up, but very nearly everyone does.
No one leaves unmoved.
Now, after more than a decade of helping students and clients un-know what they think they know, well over a thousand people just like you have come to consciously know and experience their True Nature.

We invite you to join them.

What the package includes

  • 1 x 90 minute 1:1 Awakening Session with Fred Davis
  • 4 x Satsangs
  • 2 x 90 minute Group Clearing Sessions
  • 1:1 Clarity call with a Living Method Teacher

Continuing a Clearing Journey
Group Clearing Series with Fred Davis

Those who have participated in an Awakening Session or attended the Skillful Means Series are invited to join the Group Clearing Series to further progress on their journey of self-discovery and growth.

Group Clearing Series
Many people wake up and few clear without support and guidance.
For those still experiencing the sense of existence, the clearing process offers support for the opportunity to go further.  
There is a specific Group Clearing Series which might be of interest if you feel the draw to the Clearing process, so if this is something you think you may be interested in; here is a link to more information.
1st month free (worth $125)
After the complimentary month $125 is billed every 1st of the month for 1 month in advance. Ie: payment 1st May for June  

The discount above is based on 3 month minimum recommended attendance (not financial) commitment to maximise the effectiveness of clearing.  

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 Hello Fred.  I am so blown away that you awakened awareness again last night. during Satsang
In fact I have never seen you try to waken 'someone' and not do it.
It seems like there is some kind of miracle happening  
On any Facebook forum I am on and people are saying they've been seeking for years and don't know what to do I just tell them, 'Go see Fred Davis.  
He will wake you up first time!!'  
I love it when you wake 'someone' up because I know if I follow you closely, the same thing happens here.
Last night it was got what you mean when you say it is 'right here.'
I didnt know I was still looking for somewhere else somehow because before now all my glimpses seems to include some other dimension or something- maybe that was a thought? also my very earliest glimpses were of becoming the ocean and the sky and the whole space so I though it was meant to be like that all. the time. that somehow kept me looking away from right here. last night the body dissolved into space right where it stood. oneness was there in its place , eternity was sensed if thats even possible and there was unconditional acceptance and compassion coming through the space where Hannah used to be like a portal almost.
I recognise this means theres still a location so my mind is telling me thats not good enough -  but actually this to me is life changing.  
I saw this time was that oneness is found right where Hannah is.
They re indistinguishable from one another almost, not seperate and that I am always oneness.
Hannah just vanishes and dissolves into oneness.
Awareness really is always here 'in drag' !!! theres no going anywhere.  
No wonder seekers never find what ever they think they are looking for when they are already it!!
So now even more of what Hannah/oneness have been hearing is making sense I just wanted to celebrate the miracle of another seemingly clearer waking up and tell you how much I appreciate your massive skills.

Group Clearing Series Student of The "Living Method" of Spiritual Awakening
January 2024